Religious, cultural and social needs of the community.

Annual conferences, camps, scholarships & articles.

To connect and lead the global membership into a unified community to represent its voice and enable them to achieve a shared vision.

To promote a new social & international order, based on truth, justice, righteousness & generosity.

Connect the young community leaders and Muslim professionals in the West with the knowledge hub in Najaf.

List of Maraji followed by Twelver Shia.

Information & resources for visiting Islamic sacred sites.

To cultivate a vibrant, collaborative, and supportive Muslim community of strong faith and good citizenry that forms a building block in North American society.

Economic empowerment, education, health, housing etc.

This global community is committed to conserving the holy lands of Najaf and Karbala, from the great plastic threat.

Ziarat, Arbaeen, Ashura, and Hajj Trips.

Motivated by the vision of a world where women can reach their potential, the Ahlul Bayt Sisters Network (ABSN) is committed to teaching women to become socially and economically empowered. 

Serving humanity through community building initiatives as per the teachings of Imam Hussein (AS).

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